Mimosa Magic – Bottomless Bliss on a Budget!

Birthdays have always been an excuse to splurge a bit in something new & exciting (and I’m not talking about a designer handbag or fancy dinner). 

I’m one for unique experiences – tapping either into my inner daredevil, or finding a hidden gem within the city.

To kick off my 25th year, I opted for a “Vegas-like” experience without breaking the bank or having to leave California! (Surprise! I moved to the city!)

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, anniversary, or little get-together with friends, here’s how to recreate this bottomless mimosa brunch on a budget!


Duffy boats are relatively small and SO easy to drive! You don’t need a license or any sort of certification – if you can drive a car (and you’re at least 21), you’re a qualified captain for the day.

These boats are located around Newport Beach, Long Beach, and San Diego, all at relatively the same rate. My friends and I went with Newport Fun Tours & sailed in the back bay where the water was nice & calm.

Price: 1.5 hours for an 8 person max. boat → $188.88 USD after tax

$188?! Can I get this any cheaper?!?

YES! Duffy boats allow up to 8 (or 10) people on board. Split the cost, and you’ll each be paying just $23.61 USD!

If you’d like them to provide a driver, it’s a 2-hour minimum requirement and an additional $60. In my opinion, it was wayyy more fun without one, and an hour & a half was the PERFECT amount of time on the water.
As someone who’s very prone to seasickness, sailing through the back bay was ideal. No waves, no rocking – just smooth sailing with a light breeze.


Newport Fun Tours allows you to decorate and bring aboard just about anything! The only restriction we faced was balloons, but note, this isn’t a rule to “spoil the fun” – it’s a general boating law in California.

To cut down on the cost of decorations, I created an aesthetic charcuterie board (courtesy of Pinterest). Because the table was our focal point, adding a bunch of throw blankets, pillows, and streamers wouldn’t have made sense. Having this “fruitful” decor created a much more efficient setup and break down!

Aside from the charcuterie board (which was provided by my friend), here are the only two purchases I made:

Price: tablecloth + champagne flutes = $23.49 USD

Here’s a breakdown of everything I got to create the charcuterie board

*Everything was purchased from Trader Joes – prices may vary*


Boat: $188.88
Champagne flutes & tablecloth: $23.49
Decorative roses: $4.99
Raspberries: $3.69
Strawberries: $3.49
Seedless grapes: $5.99
Cheese tray: $5.99
Deli selection: $5.99
2 bottles of champagne: $21.98
2 bottles of wine: $7.98

$242.51 USD

and if you split this between you and 7 other friends, it comes down to just $30.31 EACH!

BOOM. You’ve got yourself an affordable, “Vegas-like” morning out in the bay! Send this to your group of friends as a sign to recreate this bottomless mimosa brunch.

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